Poster for The Protests in Lebanon - Istanbul Policy Center - Maissam Nimer, Mert Arslanalp, Bissane El Cheikh, Raja Abillama

Dec 10, 2019 The Protests in Lebanon – Perspectives on Context, Dynamics and Future at Istanbul Policy Center

Conference Poster - refugee inclusion - migration - academic

Nov 28-29, 2019 IPC Academic Conference: Exploring the Dimensions of Refugee Inclusion: Social Structures, Institutions and Strategies, Istanbul, Turkey

Panel picture - language education - migration - refugees - policy makers

Sept 27, 2019 Experts Policy-Making Panel: Language Education for Adult Refugees, Istanbul Policy Center, Turkey

Posted on UNDP webpage as “Language Training for Adult Refugees in Turkey: Social cohesion, Innovation and Overcoming Barriers” on October 2, 2019

Posted on the webpage of education specialist journalist Pervin Kaplan on October 9, 2019 here.

Oct 18, 2019 Workshop to present the Findings of the project “Integration and Well-being of Syrian Youth in Turkey.”, ANAMED, Istanbul, Turkey

Oct 22-23, 2018 Mirekoc Workshop: Experiences of Syrian Youth in Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

Feb 26-27, 2018 Mirekoc Workshop: Global Compact for Refugees Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey

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