I guide my students in understanding social structures, social behaviors and phenomena that they observe and in developing their “sociological imagination” by being able to “think away” from the familiar routines and look at them anew.

I ensure that students acquire a strong grasp of the theoretical frameworks related to the discipline as a strong theoretical foundation is essential for the future generation of sociologists. In doing so, I integrate into my curriculum a variety of reading ensuring balance in terms of geographical region, gender and ethnicity and choosing topics that are related to current affairs.

I design the course in a way to encourage active learning. As a teacher, I try to create an open atmosphere for discussion in class. I strongly encourage students to share their thoughts in the classroom and to link learned concepts to real-life situations in Turkey. I also found it useful to make my students realize that concepts they were learning are connected to concepts they had learned in other classes.

Overall, I find teaching to be an essential part of my own development. By finding ways of making ideas accessible and learning to reduce them to their essence, one continually gains new insights on even the most fundamental aspects of their discipline.

What Students Say

“I greatly enjoyed this sociology of education class and decided to pursue my further studies in this area.”

October 2018

“I can easily say that this course exceeded the expectations that I had set on the first day of class.”

June 2018

“It was a real pleasure to have followed that course. Throughout my studies, it was one of the courses I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot from it.”

June 2018

“Maissam is an amazing person. Her achievements and ego are inversely proportionally correlated. Model teacher.”

January 2020
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